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We are coming soon with our new book release

To be among the first to get your copy of Embrace Your Superpower or to support me in my journey to becoming a published author, please follow this link (


Embrace Your Superpower

I am so excited - As some of you may know, I have decided it is time to step up and write my first book. I am working with my amazing publishers and will complete the first draft in the next few days, ready for editing!The subject matter is close to my heart – here is why: My book is called Embrace Your Superpower, How to Live Your Best Life With Your Autistic Child, and I am writing it to share my story so other women can find their Superpower.Four years ago, at only 2 years old my beautiful little boy was diagnosed with Autism. My darling boy’s journey has taught me so much about myself, life, and what really matters. It also gave me the great gift or a renewed purpose in my life. With the creation of this book, I hope to help other mums who may be feeling like their lives have been turned upside down.I believe in my heart, that my book will help our amazing mums to ditch any shame, overcome their burnout, embrace their innate superpowers, and fully embrace the gift of their child/children, enabling the entire family and community to thrive.Embrace Your Superpower will be back from the publishers this Spring, and will be available for only $29.95. But for a lucky few, I am proud to offer signed copies at the special, pre-release price of $19.95 plus $5.00 postage, anywhere in the world! Why? Because I believe in my heart of hearts, that the message of how we all can live better, happier and fuller lives is worth sharing.

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