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About Us

I stand for busy mums of children with autism becoming a Superwoman on the inside & outside


Hello Lovely!

I'm Hodan Abi

You can create a life you enjoy with coaching that links you to your wisdom and purpose.

My parents gave me my life's passion and goal at an early age, with a name that means "a wealth of knowledge in abundance." I specialise in working as a wellness coach for women, bringing them wisdom about themselves and others to enjoy a fulfilling and purposeful life. My coaching programmes are influenced by my experiences as a sister, daughter, wife, mother, adventurer, community champion, and successful business owner. In the past, I was held back by others' restricting notions. But I've learned to be self-sufficient and to thrive.

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I now feel empowered by my values and how they will influence my life. I avoid negativity and choose to focus my energy on positive relationships and future .

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